General aspects

The elegant and enveloping line of Hamacon, its original design, comfort and versatility, allows us to venture to ensure that it will become part of essential furniture for your living room, bedroom, terrace, Garden, porch, office or business.

Tilting and relaxing effect of our hammock/Chair will provide you with a special break, giving you comfort and relax expected after a long day of work or rocking him gently during siesta.

Its stainless steel base is easily detachable and transportable, allowing you to change the location of Hamacon freely and effortlessly (Installation Guide).

Characteristics of the Hamacon.
Hamacon with steel base in pool.

Also we offer their Hamacon with support of rustic, rope and rotating wooden stick. This option offers you the possibility of swaying along with the perform 360 ° turns, providing a unique sensation and facilitating your rest.

Let yourself be surprised by the dual functionality of Hamacon, its easily adaptable design allows you to enjoy your swivel effect in a beam suspension inside, outside on the porch or terrace, and why not? In the shade of a tree in the garden!

Characteristics of the Hamacon.
Hamacon suspended from a beam.

Made with double fabric and double-stitched, housing 120 strings will distribute its weight evenly along Hamacon. Its drop-down trapezoid, facilitates full leg extension allowing you to total suspension and bloating of the body, benefiting and promoting blood circulation in this way and offering you an unbeatable rest.

We invite you to visit our Gallery, waiting for serve as you guidance and inspiration in it you will discover how Hamacon integrates and adapts easily to any corner of your home.

Similarly we offer you an excellent range of fabrics, where you can choose the combination of colours and tones to your liking and obtain this mode a custom design.

Volume of Hamacon

  • 130 cm wide at its peak
  • 145 cm body, extending to 220 cm
  • 137 cm high from the base
  • 80 cm from bottom of base
  • 150 kg in weight (tested) resistance

Materials used in Hamacon

  • 8 square meters of fabric
  • 102 meters of rope per unit
  • 3 hollow fibre cushions with removable covers (2 / 60 x 60 cm + 1 / 60 x 20 cm)
  • Structure of stainless steel 304 L removable 3-piece or varnished stick, with treatment anti UVA, rope and rotating.
  • Canvas for possible storage case


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