Evercasa 3000 S.L

We are a company of handicraft based in Seville. We started with the artisan manufacture of Hamacon in 2004 and since then…

Your well-being and relaxation are our main goal.

Considering that both the hammock and the Chair have been symbols of relaxation and wellbeing in all cultures, in Evercasa 3000 throughout history we launched the fusion of our empirical knowledge with these traditional concepts and prepare for you a hybrid “Hamacon”, which we offer you the double effect of the pleasure of rest suspended in a hammock attached to the comfort of resting on a Chair.

The manufacture and Assembly of Hamacon are made entirely handcrafted, allowing us to a comprehensive supervision and control of the quality of the materials used, looking for the perfect finish of all our production.

We have a wide palette of colors, combinable, and variety of fabrics that offer you the ability to customize it, adapt it to your taste, to any environment and make of Hamacon a piece unique and exclusive.

You can choose between canvas upholstery, extraordinary skins of cattle, manufactured printed artisanal fabrics on handlooms, microfiber and outdoor you can choose any of those included in the catalogues of the firm Dickson and its Sunbrella line, currently selected by the most prestigious outdoor designers around the world for their quality and unique durability.