The formidable acceptance of this tissue your use assuming great importance in the textile industry has increased considerably and is for this reason that it could not miss in the manufacture of our hammocks.

The microfiber is a fabric made from very fine synthetic fibre (just it has the thickness of 1% of a hair) and enjoy a wide variety of properties that make it superior to the rest of the tissues, making it one of the most used and novel.

One of the particularities of the Microfiber is its extraordinary softness, quality that adds to many features such as high resistance to use, ease of cleaning and high tolerance to frequently, guaranteeing maximum hygiene.

Evercasa 3000 puts at your disposal a wide palette of colors giving you the possibility of making the combination that best suits the decor and needs of the environment that it will locate its new Hamacon.

Colores Microfibra


The tonality of the colours may vary significantly
depending on the display device


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Hamaca con Tejido de Microfibra