Line Sunbrella

Evercasa 3000 is pleased to offer this extraordinary line of tissues that contribute without any doubt to enhance the quality and finish of our hammocks.

Dickson, world leader in technical textiles for the improvement and protection of the environment, ensures the durability of Sunbrella line against inclement weather caused by the aggression from the elements, prolonged exposure to the Sun, salt, chlorinated, and others without forgetting the added that they are an excellent repellent for water.

The surprising resistance against spots is another big advantage of fabrics Sunbrella which have tagged Oeko-Tex (eco-label – Austrian Institute), granted to those produced without substances of concern, breathable fabrics and which do not represent any danger to the skin, health or environment.

Are you considering to place your Hamacon on a permanent basis on the outside of your home? Include it in the furniture of the garden or terrace of your Hotel, restaurant or business furniture? If so and contemplates to destine it to an area of public use continued, then, Sunbrella is undoubtedly the ideal tissue for this purpose.

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