Loom weaving

On this occasion Evercasa is pleased to introduce our Hamacon made in fabrics of silk and cotton with lattice of natural fibres.

Woven in loom by craftsman’s hand, old-fashioned, a product 100% handmade

Infinite combinations and finishes, fabrics on handlooms of 3 meters wide with colours and patterns inherited from a tradition of centuries of Muslim Andalusia (al – Andalus), we dare to assure that its spectacular mix of bright, intense colours, lands, cake, are the delight of any interior designer.
The art of weaving is a cultural heritage that is transmitted from generation to generation, is part of the idiosyncrasies and cultural and social identity of peoples. Throughout the 19th century industry and mechanization considerably decreased the consumption of products handmade and handcrafted, but in Evercasa we continue betting for this reason.

We make this Hamacon with three layers of fabric, the two external are reinforced with a third inner layer of much greater resistance remaining force exerted tension ensuring its firmness.


“There are no two identical and only rarely we find two similar”


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